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Our Open MRI is a truly open on all sides allowing you, your loved ones, and technologist access from virtually anywhere around the system.  Our truly Open MRI provides a 32” ultra-wide patient table that can be lowered to 20”, making it easy for you to transition on and off the table if you are mobility challenged. ‍ Regardless of your size or shape, the unlimited lateral opening of our Open MRI makes it easier to position and center the part of your body that needs to be scanned.                                                                                                                                                                



Digital X-Ray

Our Digital X-Ray technology serves to provide static imagining with a quick turn around.We are a one-stop solution for both MRI and Digital X-Ray radiography. Our Digital X-ray is a completely scale-able DR solution that allows us to better serve you with flexibility and uncompromising imaging quality for an increasingly wide array of clinical imaging needs. 




Digital Motion X-ray, also known as DMX is an innovative new imaging system. DMX allows you to have fluoroscopic and digital static imaging taken at the same time and can help find problems that MRI and Digital X-Ray may not.   Our state of the art DMX technology can show movement of an injured area and show you what you have been missing!  DMX offers you a quick turn around time and professional radiology services.l.